Greek - Son of Lycus or Zeus by Antiope, wife of Lycus. Twin brother of Amphion. Husband of Aedon or Thebe. Father of Itylus and Neis. He and his brother were abandoned as babies on a mountainside but were found and brought up by a herdsman. Together they built the walls of Thebes, using Amphion's music to move the stones into position and named the city after Thebe, wife of Zethus. Another version of the story says that Zethus married Aedon who accidentally killed Itylus and was turned into a nightingale while Zethus himself died of grief at the death of his young son. Occasionally identified as Zethus, Zetheus, Zetheus, Zethos, Zethos, Zetos, Zetos, Zet(h)os or Zet(h)os.

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