European - Son of a king of Scotland. Husband of Isabella. He attended a tournament arranged by the king of Galicia and fell in love with the king's daughter, Isabella. Her father refused to sanction their marriage because she was a Muslim, he a Christian, so they married secretly. He was recalled to Scotland to lead an army to the assistance of Charlemagne, leaving his wife behind. During that campaign he was taken prisoner by armed bandits. Roland, who had earlier rescued Isabella from pirates, freed Zerbino who was reunited with his wife. He was leading a troop of soldiers when they came across Medoro and Cloridan who had crept from their camp in the night to recover the dead body of their leader, Dardinel. Cloridan was killed and Medoro was wounded in the encounter. When Roland went mad at the news that Angelica had married Medoro, Zerbino found the armour and sword that Roland had abandoned. He was challenged by Mandricardo for the ownership of the sword, Durindana, and was killed by the Saracen. In some references, called Zerbino.

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