Australian - A snake-spirit of the Aborigines. A bisexual fertility symbol, he was regarded as the ancestor of some of the tribes and lived in the waterhole, Mirrimina. He swallowed and regurgitated the Wawalag sisters and subsequently regurgitated all the plants and animals he had previously swallowed before disappearing into the sky where he appears as the rainbow. At times, referred to as Yurlungur, Copper Python, Copper Python, Julunggah, Julunggah, Julunggul, Julunggul, Kunmanggur, Kunmanggur, Rainbow Snake, Ngalbjod, Ngalbjod, Nialyod, Ungur, Ungur, Woinunggur, Woinunggur, Yalungur, Yalungur, 'eagle-hawk', Yurlunggar, Yurlunggar, Yurlunggur, Yurlunggur, Yurlunyur, Yurlunyur, Kunmannggur, Kunmannggur, Rainbow Serpent, Rainbow Serpent or sacred serpents.

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