Hindu - One of 4 ages of the world. These are given as: 1. krita-yuga, lasting 4,000 years 2. treta-yuga, lasting 3,000 years 3. dvapara-yuga, lasting 2,000 years 4. kali-yuga, the present age, lasting 1,000 years In some accounts the four ages total 12,000 years, made up as follows: 1. krita-yuga, 4,800 2. treta-yuga, 3,600 3. dvapara-yuga, 2,400 4. kali-yuga, 1,200 including dawn and twilight periods. The years referred to are divine years, and, since each divine year equals 360 human years, the complete cycle of four ages, a mahayuga, equals 4,320,000 human years. Sometimes identified as yuga, dvapara, dvapara, dvaparayuga, dwapara, kali-yuga, kali-yuga, kaliyuga, krita-yuga, krita-yuga, Brahma-yuga, kritayuga, satya-yuga, time, time, haab, also day, Tretayuga, Tretayuga, Treta Yuga, yug or yug.

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