Hindu - The eldest of the 5 Pandavas. Son of Pandu and Kunti. Father of Yaudheya by Devika. Father of Prativindhya by Draupadi. He was born when Kunti prayed to Dharma. When, after the war with the Kauravas, the Pandavas made a pilgrimage to Mount Meru, he was the only one to survive the journey. After a journey to hell where he saw the tortures of the wicked, he bathed in the Ganges to wash away his mortal existence and was transported to heaven where he found the rest of his family living in peace with their former enemies. Referred to as Yudhishthira, Yudhisthira, Yudhisthira, Yudhistira, Yudhistira, Yudhist(h)ira, Yudhist(h)ira, Javanese Yudistira or Javanese Yudistira.

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