Chinese - Jade or a drink made from this mineral. A drink of this liquid not only imparts desirable qualities to the drinker but also allows him to overcome gravity. Also referred to as , Ta Yü, Ta Yü or .
Chinese - A winged dragon with horns. Father of Ch'i. This monster emerged from the body of K'un three years after he was killed by Chu-jung for stealing the magic Swelling Earth from Huang Ti. Yü was given permission by Huang Ti to use the Swelling Earth and became a famous builder of dams and irrigation engineer, controlling the flood-waters. He later became a master smith, making nine cauldrons on which he inscribed all the details of his works. Others say that the inscriptions were made on a stone tablet which he erected on a mountain peak. He sometimes took the form of a bear and when his wife saw him in this guise she turned to stone. In another account, he was the son of Hsiu-chi and was born with a nose like the muzzle of a tiger but with three nostrils. He grew to be over nine feet tall. He became emperor in 2205 BC when Shun abdicated and is regarded as the founder of the first dynasty. Called , Ta Yü, Ta Yü or .

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