Yü Huang

Chinese - A Taoist supreme god, one of the San. Ch'ing, the Three Pure Ones. Consort of Hsi Wang Mu. It was said that, at his birth, a glowing light was emitted by his body. He was reared by mortal foster-parents, the emperor Ching Te and his wife Pao Yüeh. He could have succeeded to his foster-father's throne but gave it up for a life of meditation, finally being translated to heaven. He came to earth 800 times to help the sick and the poor, followed by a further 800 visits when he spread goodness throughout the world, and yet another such series when he took upon himself much suffering. His jade palace is situated in the constellation of Ta Wei (the Great Bear). In some accounts, he is equated with Shang Ti or Yüan Shih. Occasionally known as Yü Huang, August of Jade, August of Jade, August Personage of Jade, August Personage of Jade, Jade Emperor, Jade Emperor, Jade Purity, Jade Purity, Jade Ruler, Jade Ruler, Pearly Emperor, Pearly Emperor, Shang Ti, Shang Ti, Celestial Emperor, Lord of Heaven, Lord on High, Shang-te, Sheng Ti, T'ien, Tou Chi, Ti, T'ai-shang lao, T'ai-shang lao, T'ien Pao, T'ien Pao, Yüan Shih, Yü Ch'ing, Yü Ch'ing, Yüan Ch'ing, Yüan Ch'ing, August (Personage) of Jade, August (Personage) of Jade, Pure August, Pure August, Yu Huang, T'ai-lao-tao, T'ai-lao-tao, Yü Huang Yu Jing, Yü Huang Yu Jing, Buddhist Yü Ti or Buddhist Yü Ti.

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