Yolkai Estsan

North American - A sea-goddess and fertility-goddess of the Navaho Indians. Sister of Estanatlehi. Wife of Tlehanoai. Mother of Tobadzistsini, some say. She was created by Hasteyalti and Hastehogan from white shell though others say that both she and Estanatlehi were created by Changing Woman from flakes of skin from beneath her breasts. In some versions, she, rather than Estanatlehi, created humans from maize-flour. Also commonly called Yolkai Estsan, Estanatlehi, Estanatlehi, Estsanatlehi, Turquoise Woman, Goddess of Sunsetland Turquoise Woman, White Painted Woman, White Painted Woman, White Shell Woman, White Shell Woman, Yolkai Estan, Yolkai Estan, Yolkaiaisn or Yolkaiaisn.

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