North American - A creator-spirit of the Dieguenos. Brother of Tuchaipai. He and his brother were born under the sea and Yokomatis was blinded by the effect of the salt water on his eyes. They pushed up the sky so that they had room to move about and then created all the things in the world, including men and women. He is regarded as the one who caused death while his brother is the giver of life. In some accounts, this blind god was known as Bakothal and his brother Tuchaipai was Kokomaht. Also called Yokomatis, Bakothal, Bakothal, Tuchaipai, Blind Old Man, Blind Old Man, Kokomaht, Kokomaht, Kokomat, Kokomat, Yo-ko-mat-is, Yo-ko-mat-is, Kokoma(h)t, Kokoma(h)t, Mohave Mastamho or Mohave Mastamho.

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