Norse - The first giant. Father of Aegir, Hymir, Kari, Loki, and Thrudgelmir, some say. He was formed from the frost that came from the condensing of the warm mists of Muspelheim when they met the cold from the icy rivers of Niflheim. The cow, Audhumbla, was formed at the same time and Ymir survived by drinking her milk. From the sweat of his armpit he produced a son and a daughter and from his feet came the six-headed giant Thrudgelmir. Odin and his brothers Ve and Vili killed Ymir and made the earth from his body. The rush of blood from the giant's body killed all the other giants with the exception of Bergelmir and his wife who survived to produce more giants. Dwarfs grew from Ymir's dead body, his skull became the heavens and his brains the clouds. Sometimes identified as Ymir, Augelmir, Augelmir, Fornjot, Fornjot, Fornjotnr, Fornjotnr, Orgelmir, Orgelmir, Ymer, Ymer, Fornjot(nr) or Fornjot(nr).

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