Persian - Son of one of the first 4 men to produce the divine drink, Haoma, from the fruit of the Gaokerena tree. Brother of Tahmurath and Yimeh. Husband of Yimeh. Some accounts describe Yima himself as the first man, son of Vivahvant, the sun-god. He was a semi-divine being, said to have ruled for 700 years, who, in attempting to make men immortal, sacrificed a bull, so upsetting the gods whose prerogative this was. For his presumption he was killed either by Spityura or by the demon Azhi Dahak as Zahak. In another version, he was not killed but lost his own immortality and when Ahura Mazda set out to destroy mankind he was warned in advance and constructed a vast cave, Var, in which he sheltered the best of all species with which to repopulate the world. Occasionally referred to as Yima, Great Shepherd, The, Great Shepherd, The, Jamshid, Jamshid, Giamshid, Jamshyd, Jemshid, Giamschid, Manu, Manu, Mana, The Great Shepherd, The Great Shepherd, Buddhist Yen Wang, Buddhist Yen Wang, Hindu Yama, Hindu Yama, Emma-O, Ratnasambhava, Yama-Raja, Yen Wang, Norse Ymir, Norse Ymir, Hades or Yama.

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