British - A Knight of the Round Table. Son of Nuc. Husband of Gwenloie. His father abandoned his mother when Yder was born and he grew up not knowing who his father was. As a young man, he set out to find his father. He fell in love with a queen, Gwenloie, but had to prove himself worthy. Having killed two knights who were attacking King Arthur, he expected the king to knight him but was disappointed. He was later made a knight by another king, Ivenant, as reward for resisting the efforts of the king's wife to seduce the young stranger. When he came to Castle Rougemont, home of Talac, he found it besieged by Arthur's forces and decided to help Talac and defeated all Arthur's best knights in combat. When Kay treacherously plunged a sword into Yder's back, the others were so appalled that a truce was declared and Talac and the king were reconciled. Luguain, Yder's squire, took his master to a monastery where his wounds were healed and Yder was later welcomed at the court where he saved the queen, Guinevere, from a bear. When Talac's castle again came under siege, Yder rode to help his friend but the siege had already been lifted when he arrived. There he found a maiden who asked him to discover the identity of a knight who visited her in her tent every day. Yder found the man and a great fight ensued which ended only when the knight recognised Yder as his own son. Arthur, who was jealous of Yder, decided to get rid of him and when Gwenloie asked his help in finding a husband, told her to marry the man who could kill two giants and bring her their knife. Yder did just that and claimed her hand. Kay gave Yder some poisoned water and he was left for dead but he recovered and returned to court. Arthur then made Yder a king and he married Gwenloie. One story tells how he went with King Arthur in a foray against three giants and went on ahead of the others. When the rest of the party arrived at the hill where the giants lived, they found all three of them dead. Yder was also killed in the fight. Some accounts say he killed Gwengasaoin's bear and married the giant's daughter, Belinette. In the story of Geraint and Enid he is known as Edern. On occassion, identified as Yder, Edern, Edern, Ebern, Edeyrn, Edryb, Edrnb, Knight of the Sparrowhawk, Edryn, Isdernus or Isdernus.

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