Greek - A god of darkness. Son of Hellen and Orseis or of Aeolus and Enarate. Brother of Aeolus and Dorus. Husband of Creusa. Father of Achaeus and Ion. He was expelled from Iolus, where he was king, by his brothers Aeolus and Dorus, and fled to Athens where he married the king's daughter, Creusa. He chose Cecrops as the new king of Athens when Erichtheus died and was driven from the city by the brother of Cecrops, an unsuccessful claimant, and fled with his family to Aegilia. In another account, Creusa had borne a son, Ion, to Apollo before she met Xanthus. The boy was abandoned at birth. When it appeared that Creusa and Xuthus could not produce a child of their own, they consulted the oracle at Delphi. A young priest of the temple turned out to be the abandoned son of Creusa and they were happily reunited. He was killed in single combat by Codrus. Sometimes called Xuthus.

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