Central American - An Aztec god of fire and volcanoes. He acted as guide to the souls of the dead and is the ruler of the Tlalticpac, lowest of the thirteen heavens. He is said to support the universe on a pillar of fire and acts as the guardian of the centre. He is depicted as an old man carrying a brazier or mirror and a yellow serpent. On occassion, identified as Xiuhtecuhtli, Ixcozauhqui, Ixcozauhqui, Old God, Old God, Otontecuhtli, Otontecuhtli, Otonteuctli, Otonteuctli, Tata, Tata, Nata, Huehueteotl, Huehueteotl, Huehuecoyotl, Otonteuchtli or Otonteuchtli.

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