Mesopotamian - A survivor of the flood. He is variously described as Armenian, Babylonian and Chaldaean. In the Babylonian version he was king of Babylon and son of Opartes. He built an ark in which he and his family and a few others survived the Flood. When the ark landed on Ravandiz, Xithuthros became an immortal. In some accounts this is the Greek name for Ziusudra. Occasionally identified as Xithuthros, Sisythos, Sisythos, Sisythus, Sisythus, Xisuthros, Xisuthros, Ziusudra, Ziusudra, Atrahasis, Ziudsudda, Ziusuttu, Tut(t)u, Syrian Utnapishtim, Babylonian Atrahasis, Sisythes or Sisythes.

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