Pacific Islands - The first man in the lore of the Marshall Islands. Consort of Lejman. Father of Edao and Jemaliwut. He was said to have been born with Lejman from the leg of Loa. The sons of Lejman, known as Lanej and Lewoj, tried to kill Wulleb but he managed to escape. In doing so, he fell to earth, splitting open the blood blister on his leg, bringing forth two more children, the boys Edao and Jemaliwut. In another version, he and Lejman, worms living in a shell, became the first humans. They raised the upper half of the shell to form the sky, leaving the lower half as the world. Wulleb is said now to live on an island in the west known as Eb Island. Occasionally referred to as Wulleb.

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