German - Son of Hugdietrich and Hildburg. Brother of Bogen and Waxmuth. Husband of Sigeminne and Liebgart. Father of Hugdietrich. As a baby, he was taken by wolves but was recovered by his grandfather, Walgund, and Berchther. He inherited the sovereignty of Constantinople when his father died but the nobles, who had been turned against Wolfdietrich and his mother by malicious rumours started by Sabene, refused to accept him and gave the throne to Sabene who banished Hildburg and her sons. Wolfdietrich raised a force to recover his kingdom but was defeated. He drew back to a castle where he was besieged for some years by Sabene's army, finally slipping out to seek help from Ortnit. En route, he met the bear-woman, Rauch-Else, who gave him a magic root to eat. It is said that when he proposed to marry her, she was restored to her former self as the beautiful princess Sigeminne. Forgetting his besieged family and friends, he lived with Sigeminne for some time. She was once abducted by the magician, Drusian, but Wolfdietrich managed to rescue her. When she died, he set off again to find help for the besieged. After killing the tyrant Belligan, who adorned the city walls with the skulls of Christians he had killed, Wolfdietrich met a giantess who told him how Ortnit had been killed by the dragons. He met the grieving Liebgart and went off to fight the dragons but was overcome and thrown to the young dragons for food. He found the magic ring of Ortnit and his sword, Rosen, which he used to kill all the dragons. A knight named Gerhart claimed to have killed the dragons but Wolfdietrich was able to produce the dragons' tongues which he had cut out, so proving his own claim. Liebhart recognised her late husband's ring and realised that Wolfdietrich was the knight who Ortnit had said would help her. He married Liebgart and later took an army to Constantinople to rescue his family and friends. He had Sabene executed and became emperor. He and Liebgart had a son whom they called Hugdietrich after his grandfather. It was said that Wolfdietrich lived to be 501 years of age. Also commonly called Wolfdietrich.

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