General - A fierce carnivore. (1) In Greece, the wolf was regarded as the animal of both Apollo and Ares. (2) In Egypt, the wolf was sacred to Wepwawet. (3) In Irish lore, a she-wolf suckled Cormac mac Airt. (4) Some North American Indian tribes say that a man's soul can pass into a wolf while others claim wolves as their ancestors. (5) Roman lore claims that Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were suckled by a she-wolf. It was also said that, if a man saw a wolf with its mouth shut, the beast would never be able to open it again. On the other hand, if a wolf saw a man with his mouth shut, that man would lose the power of speech. In some references, known as wolf, Malsum, Malsum, Maslum, Wolf or Wolf.


North American - A creator-deity of the Shoshone. Coyote asked Wolf to restore his son who had been killed by a snake-bite but Wolf reminded him of an earlier discussion in which Coyote had said that the dead should not be brought back to life, otherwise the world would soon become overcrowded. Occasionally called Wolf, Malsum, Malsum, Maslum or Wolf.

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