German - Son of Wieland. Husband of Bolfriana. It is said that his father made him a suit of armour and gave him the magic sword, Miming, before he set off to challenge Dietrich. En route to the encounter, he met Hildebrand who stole Miming to save his friend Dietrich from its blows and, when Wittich fought Dietrich with the sword that Hildebrand had substituted, it broke in his hand. Hildebrand then returned Miming to its rightful owner and with it Wittich defeated Dietrich but became one of his devoted followers. In the battle with Osantrix, when Dietrich and his warriors helped Etzel, Wittich was imprisoned by Hertnit, brother of Osantrix. He was rescued by Wildeber who dressed in the skin of a bear and killed Hertnit. After helping Dietrich in the defeat of the rebellious Rimstein, he was given the hand of Bolfriana. He later turned traitor and killed Diether, brother of Dietrich who would have killed Wittich had he not plunged into the sea where his grandmother, the sea-witch Watchilt, took him to safety. On occassion, known as Wittich, Heime, Heime, Heimir, Witege, Witege, Wittig, Wittig, Vigda, Vigda, Anglo-Saxon Widia or Anglo-Saxon Widia.

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