North American - A trickster-god of the Cree Indians. He annoyed Gitchi Manitou by stirring up trouble between man and animals so the supreme god sent a flood which only a few (including Wisagatcak) survived to repopulate the world. Another version says that when he failed to spear a beaver, he brought down their dam. The beavers used their magic to keep the waters flowing until they covered the whole world. Wisagatcak made a raft and saved as many animals as he could. Several died trying to find land under the waters and finally the wolf spread moss over the raft. Earth grew in the moss and kept on growing until it covered the raft and finally the whole world. Occasionally called Wisagatcak, Whiskey Jack, Whiskey Jack, Wisaka, Wisaka, Wisaaka, Abnaki Gluskap, Cree, Wisakedjak, Wisakedjak, Wolverine, Wolverine, Wisgatcak, Wisgatcak, Fox Wisaka, Fox Wisaka or Gluskap.

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