British - Son of Gawain and Florie. Husband of Larie. He did not know his father and, when he grew up, set out to find him. He joined King Arthur's court and was sent on a quest to help the widowed queen Amene who was being oppressed by Roaz. Having defeated Roaz, Wigalois married the queen's daughter, Larie. Another version says that the besieged Lady of Kornton herself was Larie and Wigalois could marry her only after defeating Roaz which he did after various other adventures, during the course of which he defeated the hag Rual and killed the dragon Pfetan with divine help. Sometimes referred to as Wigalois.
German - A 13th C. German story about Wigalois, son of Gawain, written. By Grafenberg. Sometimes called Wigalois.

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