Irish - It is said that Friuch and Rucht changed shape many times in their feuding and, in the form of worms, were swallowed by cows and reborn as bulls. Whitehorn was born into Maev's herd but regarded it as an indignity to be owned by a woman, even the queen of Connaught, so he moved to the herd owned by her husband, Ailill. Maev then coveted the Brown Bull of Cooley and persuaded her husband to raid Ulster to seize it for her. The two bulls fought and Whitehorn was killed. In one story, the Brown Bull carried the dead Whitehorn back to Ulster on its horns. Occasionally referred to as Whitehorn, Find Bennach, Find Bennach, Friuch, Finnbeanach, Finnbeanach, Finnbehenach, Finnbehenach, Finnbeheanach, Finnbeheanach, Finnbenach, Finnbenach, Finnebenach, Finnebenach, Finnbhenach, Finnbhenach, White Bull, The, White Bull, The, Finnb(h)e(a)nach, Finnb(h)e(a)nach, White Bull or White Bull.

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