White Hare

North American - The name for Great Hare in the lore of the Potawatomi people. He is regarded as a brother of Nanabozho and, it is said, he was turned into a white hare (or rabbit) when the sun first appeared. He later became a deity. In some accounts he is called Wolf. At times, referred to as White Hare, Chibiabos, Chibiabos, Chipiabos, Chipiapoos, Abnaki Malsum, Iroquois Tawiscara, Menomine Moqwaoi, Great Hare, Great Hare, Gluskap, hare, Mahtigwess, Manabozho, Manabush, Michabo, Nanabozho, Rabbit, Cottontail, Hare, Rabbit, Maker of White, Maker of White, Wabasso, Wabasso, Wabosso or Menominee Wabus.

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