White Corn Maiden

North American - Wife of Deerhunter. This young Tewa maiden was the prettiest and most talented girl of her tribe and she fell in love with their finest hunter, a youth named Deerhunter. They married and became inseparable, neglecting everything so that they could be together. When White Corn Maiden died soon afterwards, Deerhunter was inconsolable and wandered the plains seeking her spirit. He found her, apparently unchanged, and persuaded her to return with him. Soon the smells and signs of death appeared and her husband was repelled but she would not be parted from him and followed him wherever he went. Eventually a spirit in the form of a tall hunter with a huge bow appeared and told the couple that they had offended the gods by their behaviour. To ensure that they always remained together, he shot each of them into the heavens where they now appear as two stars, the smaller one forever following the other across the sky. Occasionally known as White Corn Maiden, Willow Flower or Willow Flower.

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