Wheel of the Law

Buddhist - A symbol of the powerful effect of Buddhism on other faiths. An exposition of the law of dharma. This is based on the Buddha's concept of life as a closed chain with twelve links. In the final stages of their journey through hell, the spirits of evil-doers pass through the spokes of this wheel and their life after reincarnation is determined by which gap between the spokes they escape through. In the Lamaist version of the wheel, the central boss contains a bird, a pig and a snake linked together, representing the Three Poisons. The middle section has six divisions, the lower three comprising hell, Yiddak and the brute division; the upper three representing the homes of man, demigods and the gods. The outer rim of the wheel is divided into twelve sections (the links of the chain) representing the various stages of life. Also referred to as Wheel of the Law, Wheel of 1000 Spokes, Wheel of 1000 Spokes, Wheel of Truth, Wheel of Truth, Holy Wheel, Holy Wheel, Wheel of Law, Wheel of Life, Wheel of Life, Sipa Khorlo, Hindu Dharmachakra or Hindu Dharmachakra.

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