General - A human said to be able to change. Into a wolf. In those cases where men were turned into wolves by others, it was said that, if they refrained from eating human flesh for eight years, they would be restored to their human form. Other animals take the place of wolves in those places where the wolf is not feared. Examples include the bear (North America), boar (Greece.Turkey), crocodile (Africa), fox (China.Japan), hyaena (Africa), jaguar (South America), leopard (Africa), lion (Africa) and tiger (Borneo.China.Japan). In European belief, a werewolf removes his skin and resumes his human shape at daybreak and will die if the skin is found and destroyed. A German story says that a person wearing a belt made from the skin of a wolf or a man who has been hanged will become a werewolf. In the lore of some North American Indians, werewolves can be either men or women. It is said that those who can become werewolves also practise witchcraft when in their normal human shape. Also known as werewolf, Chin-Grelin, Chin-Grelin, Galipande, Galipande, Gallou, Gallou, Galla, Garelant, Garelant, Gerulf, Gerulf, leperou, leperou, legarau, liberou, Neure, Neure, Neures, wairon, wairon, wehr wolf, wehr wolf, werwolf, werwolf, werwulff, werwulff, Leperou, Leperou, Liberou, Liberou, West Indian legarau, loublin, loublin, versipelle, versipelle, weht wolf, weht wolf, Haiti legerau or Haiti legerau.

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