Egyptian - A wolf-god, god of the underworld. Brother of Anubis. Depicted as having the body of a dog, jackal or wolf, he sits in the front and guides the boat Meseket which ferries Auf on his nightly journey through the underworld. He was said to be the first to find the road to the underworld. In some accounts he is identified with Khenti-Amentiu, in others he is the son of Osiris, while some regard him as a jackal-headed version of Anubis. Also referred to as Wepwawet, Ap-uat, Ap-uat, Apuat, Apuat, Khenti Amentiu, Khenti Amentiu, Chenti Amentiu, Chontamenti, Chonti-amentiu, Khentamenti, Khenty-imentiu, King of the Dead, First of the Westerners, Opener of Ways, Opener of Ways, Ophois, Ophois, Pathfinder, Pathfinder, Upuat, Upuat, Upuaut, Upuaut, Sekhemtaui, Sekhemtaui, Osiris, Power of the Two Lands, Upua(u)t or Upua(u)t.

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