Well of Segais

Irish - A magic well owned by the water-god, Nechtan. This magic well, a source of knowledge, was said to be under the sea in Tir inna nOg. In some accounts, this is the well in which the salmon Fintan lived, eating the Nuts of Knowledge which fell from the overhanging hazel tree. Some say that it overflowed to become the River Boyne when Boann, in defiance of instructions to keep away from the well, walked all round it. Also referred to as Well of Segais, Conlai's Well, Conlai's Well, Connla's Well, Connla's Well, Segais' Well, Segais' Well, Well of Conlai, Well of Conlai, Well of Knowledge, Well of Knowledge, Mimisbrunnr, Sinend, Sinend or Sionan.

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