Washer by the Ford

Irish - A hag who sits beside a stream. Washing the clothes and bloody. Limbs of slain warriors. She is always dressed in black and is said to have the wings of a bat and red, webbed feet. She is regarded as an aspect of Morrigan and sometimes appears as a beautiful woman. Occasionally referred to as Washer by the Ford, ban nighechain, ban nighechain, nigheag na h-ąth, bean nighe, bean nighe, Donnchadh, Donnchadh, Donchadh, Donchadh O'Briain, Grey Washer by the Ford, Grey Washer by the Ford, Gwrach y Rhibyn, Gwrach y Rhibyn, Scottish ban nighechain, Scottish ban nighechain, Welsh Gwrach y Rhybin or Welsh Gwrach y Rhybin.

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