Walther von Wasgenstein

German - A duke of Aquitane. Son of Albhere. His father had handed the young Walther over to Attila (Etzel) as a hostage to avoid having his kingdom overrun by the invading Huns. At the Hun's court he met another hostage Hildegunde, daughter of Hereric and the girl with whom he later fell in love, and a third hostage, young Hagen. The two boys were taught the arts of war by Attila while Hildegunde was schooled in the management of the household. When he reached manhood, Walther and Hildegunde escaped, taking with them a large part of Attila's treasure on Walther's horse, Lion. Hagen had escaped some time before, joining Gunther who was now king of Burgundy. These two set out to find Walther and Hildegunde in order to kill them and seize the treasure, but Walther killed all the warriors sent against him and, when he met the two leaders in combat, he cut off Gunther's leg and knocked out one of Hagen's eyes. Walther lost his right hand, but the three men were reconciled and Walther and Hildegunde were able to continue their journey to his home in Aquitane where they were married. In Thidrekssaga, he is known as Valtari or Vaskasteini and his wife is Hilldigundr. In some lore, occasionally called Walther von Wasgenstein, Waltharius, Waltharius, Valtari, Valtari, Vaskasteini, Walczerz or Walczerz.

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