Wakan Tanka

North American - A creator-god of the Sioux. He created the four groups of deities known as Superior Gods, Associated Gods, Kindred Gods and Godlike Spirits, all of them regarded as aspects of himself. He then created human beings but the water-monster, Unktahe, caused a flood to drown them. Wakan Tanka and his thunderbird followers battled with the monster and its offspring, killing them with thunderbolts. He split himself into four to make Inyan, Maka, Skan and Wi. Sometimes known as Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, Great Mystery, Wakanda, Wakanda, wacanda, wakan, Wakonda, Wakonda, Thunderbird, Thunderbird, Hinun, Thunderer, Wakinyan, Tob Tob, Tob Tob, Wacanda, Wacanda, wakanda, Arikara Nesaru, Arikara Nesaru, Wakonda, Wakonda or Wakanda.

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