Japanese - A Shinto god. Son of Amaterasu. Husband of Shita-teru-hime. When he was sent to earth on an important mission to prepare the way for the arrival on earth of Ninigi, he became so enamoured of a mortal woman, Shita-teru-hime, that he forgot what he had come for. The gods sent the pheasant Na-naki to find him but Waka-Hiko shot it. The arrow went right through the bird and up to the abode of the gods, one of whom, Takamimusubi, flung it back, hitting Waka-Hiko and killing him. His body was taken back to heaven. In some accounts, known as Waka-Hiko, Ame-Waka-Hiko or Ame-Waka-Hiko.

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