Egyptian - A snake-goddess of Lower Egypt. Sister of Nekhbet. Mother of Nefertum. She is depicted as a cobra which breathes fire and represents the pharaoh's sovereignty. She is said to have created the papyrus swamps and to have suckled the infant Horus. Occasionally referred to as Wadjet, Bouto, Bouto, Buto, Edjo, Buto, Buto, Lady of Heaven, Lady of Heaven, Kades, Qedeshet, Uachit, Uachit, Uadjit, Uadjit, Uatchit, Uatchit, Uaz, Uaz, Uazit, Uazit, Utnapishtim, Utnapishtim, Pir-napishtim, Uta-napishtim, Utanapishtim, Utnapishti, Uta-naptishtim, Babylonian Atrahasis, Sumerian Ziusudra, Atrahasis, Wadjyt, Wadjyt, B(o)uto, B(o)uto, Queen of Gods, Queen of Gods, Vach, Vach Wadjet, Ua(t)chit, Ua(t)chit, Uaz(it), Uaz(it), Uto, Uto, Wa(t)chet or Wa(t)chet.

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