Hindu - A drought-demon. When Indra killed the three-headed son of Tvashtri, the sage is said to have created a monster, in the likeness of Ahi, which swallowed the god's cloudcattle and Indra himself. The other gods forced it to open its jaws, allowing Indra to escape and Vishnu, in the form of a knife, cut off the monster's head. In some accounts, this monster is referred to as Namuci. Occasionally known as Vritra, Ahi, Ahi, Ahu, Dragon of the Waters, Vitra, Vr(i)tra, Namuci, Vasava, Vasava, Indra, Indra, Vrita, Vrita, dasa, Vritrasura, Vritrasura, Vrtra, Vrtra, 'choker', 'choker', Dasa, Dasa, das, vrita, Visvarupa, Visvarupa or Vishvarupa.

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