Norse - King of the Elves. A blacksmith. Son of Badi. Brother of Egil and Slagfinn. Husband of Alvit. Father of Heime, in some accounts. It is said that when the three swanmaidens, Alvit, Olrun and Svanhvit, flew to earth to bathe, they left their wings on the shore and Volund and his brothers seized the wings and kept the maidens as their wives for nine years until they recovered their wings and flew away. Alvit had given Volund a ring and, instead of going on a fruitless search for her, he occupied himself with making 700 copies of this ring. He was captured by Nidud who accused him of theft and cut the sinews of Volund's legs, forcing him to work ceaselessly making ornaments and weapons. Volund killed the two sons of Nidud and sent their heads, decorated with precious metals and stones, to their father. He also put Nidud's daughter, Bodwild, into a trance and raped her then, using wings that he had made himself, flew to Alfheim where he was reunited with Alvit. There, he carried on his trade as smith, forging many wonderful weapons including the swords Miming for his son Heime, Balmung for Sigmund, Joyeuse for Charlemagne and, some say, Excalibur for King Arthur. In the Germanic stories, his son was Wittich and his brother was Amelias. Also commonly referred to as Volund, Foland, Foland, Phaland, Phaland, Vallant, Vallant, Velint, Velint, Voland, Voland, Volundr, Volundr, Volunthr, Volunthr, Wise Elf, Wise Elf, Woland, Woland, British Wayland, British Wayland, French Galand, French Galand, Wayland, German Wieland, German Wieland, Galand, Thiassi, Thiassi, Byrr, Gustr, Thiazi, Thjasse, Thjazi or Thyazi.

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