Norse - Grandson of Odin. Son of King Rerir. Father of a daughter, Signy, and of Sigmund and 9 other sons. When his father, Rerir, bemoaned the lack of offspring, Frigga sent her messenger, Gna, to drop an apple from the sky. When Rerir's wife ate the apple she gave birth to Volsung after a seven-year pregnancy. The boy's parents died soon after he was born and he became ruler of Hunaland as a child. His palace had a huge oak, Branstock, into which Odin thrust the sword Gram, growing up through the roof. His daughter, Signy, married Siggeir, king of the Goths, and, shortly after the wedding, he and his sons paid a visit to Siggeir's country. They were ambushed by the Goths and Volsung was killed. In some accounts, known as Volsung, Volsungr or Volsungr.

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