Russian - A male water-spirit. A type of Karliki. These beings can take many different forms, overturning fishermen's boats and drowning swimmers. They often live in millponds. They use the souls of the drowned as servants on the bottom and allow the dead bodies to float to the surface. They can be propitiated by the sacrifice of a black pig. In some accounts, their youth is restored with the phases of the moon; in others they may be depicted as fat old men wearing a cap of reeds. Identified as Vodyanik, Rusalka, Rusalka, Rusalkar, Rusalki, Russalka, plur The Rusalki, Lapp Saivo-niedo, Vodyanoi, Vodyanoi, plurVodyanoi, plurVodyanoi, Finnish Cacce-haldde, Finnish Cacce-haldde, Lapp Kul, Lapp Kul or Vedenhaltija.

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