European - Son of Garin. At the age of seven, he was handed to the Saracens in exchange for his father who had been captured by them some time before. A band of pirates saved him from death at the stake and sold him to the wife of the merchant, Godfrey, who raised him as their own son. As a young man, he led a train of wagons to the city where he had been held captive and, en route, defeated a pirate crew and took their treasure and arms. Equipping his men with weapons taken from the ship, he attacked the infidel's city and captured it. They were then besiegeed by the Saracens but rescued by a force led by his uncle, Guillaume, and Vivien was reunited with his real father, Garin. After being knighted by Guillaume, he led a small force against the Saracens to avenge the death at Roncesvalles of his kinsman, Roland, but the leader of the Saracens called for reinforcements and assembled a huge army, overwhelming Vivien's force. His cousin, Girard, broke through the enemy lines to seek help and Guillaume came with an army to help out. The odds were still too great and many of the Franks died in the battle. Vivien himself died of his wounds and Guillaume barely escaped with his life. Called Vivien.
European - Son of Beuve. Twin brother of Maugis. He was captured at birth by the Saracens but his twin was saved by the fairy Oriande whose brother, Baudris, taught the young Maugis the art of magic. As a young man, Vivien had an affair with Esclarmonde, wife of the king Sorgalant, and fled with her when the king found out, joining the expedition of another king, Antenor, who was trying to win Oriande for his wife. Vivien met Maugis in single combat but the fight ended when they recognised each other and they set out together to find their parents. At times, identified as Vivien.

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