Hindu - God of the rising sun, assimilated. Into Surya. One of the Adityas. Son of Kasyapa. Brother of Surya, some say. Husband of Saranyu. Father of the twin Aswins, Vaivasvata, Yama and Yami. Father of Manu, some say. He is the Vedic version of the Hindu Surya and was originally known as Marttanda, a son of Aditi. He later served as charioteer to his brother, Surya, though other accounts equate him with Surya. In some references, identified as Vivasvat, Marttanda, Marttanda, Martamda, Martanda, Surya, Savitri, Vivasvan, Vivasvan, Vivasvant, Vivasvant, Vivasvan(t), Vivasvan(t), PersianVivahvant or PersianVivahvant.

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