Hindu - God the preserver. Son of Aditi. Husband of Bhumadevi, Ganga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. As a preserver of life, he intervenes as an avatar whenever evil becomes dominant, making it hard for men to progress upwards. In this capacity, he has ten incarnations: 1. Matsya, a fish 2. Kurma, a tortoise 3. Varaha or Keseva, a boar 4. Narasinha, a man/lion 5. Vamana, a dwarf 6. Parashurama, son of a hermit 7. Rama (Ramachandra), a mortal 8. Krishna (or Balarama) 9. Buddha with the tenth, as Kalki, a white horse, yet to come. Some say Krishna is a god in his own right and that the eighth incarnation was as Balarama. Lakshmi appeared in each of his incarnations and married him. There are also said to be between sixteen and thirty-nine minor avatars (amsavataras). He gave his wife Ganga to Shiva and Saraswati to Brahma when he found that three wives were more than he could cope with. His weapons are the sword Handaka, the bow Sarnga and the discus and he is transported by the sunbird, Garuda. He is generally depicted as a handsome, dark blue youth with four hands in which he holds a club, a discus, a lotus blossom and a shell but is sometimes shown in a combined form with Shiva on the right and Vishnu on the left. They combined thus to defeat the demon Guha since neither could defeat him singlehanded. Also identified as Vishnu, Abjaja, Abjaja, Brahma, Brahma, Abjayoni, Abjayoni, Brahma, Adhoksaja, Adhoksaja, Dakshina, Dakshina, Lord Creator, Lord Creator, Lord of Sacred Wisdom, Lord of Sacred Wisdom, Lord of the Universe, Lord of the Universe, Padma, Padma, Kamala, Padma-Nabha, Padma-Nabha, Brahma, Primaeval Being, Primaeval Being, Vasu, Vasu, Visnu, Visnu, Wishnu, Wishnu, World Maintainer, World Maintainer, Achyuta, Achyuta, Acyata, Acyata, Shiva, Adimurti, Adimurti, Paramapathanatha, Vaikunthanatha, Ananta, Ananta, Brahma, Endless One, Remainder, Sesa, Sesanaga, Sesha, Seshanaga, Shesha, Sheshanaga, Vasuki, World Serpent, Anatas(h)ayana, Anatas(h)ayana, Annamurti, Annamurti, Shiva, Bhumiya, Bhumiya, Kletrpal, Caturmurti, Caturmurti, Dhanvantari, Dhanvantari, Danwantari, Dhanwantari, Divine Doctor, Kantatman, Pradyumna, Sudhapani, D(h)anwantari, Divine Doctor Kantatman, Dharma, Dharma, Dharme, Dhruva, Dhruva, Erlanga, Erlanga, Airlanga, Erlangga, Girija, Girija, Devi, Kali, Narasinha, Parvati, Uma, hamsa, hamsa, Brahma, hansa, Hanuman, Hanuman, Anuman, Hanumat, Huniman, Sun Hou-tzu, HanumatHuniman, Chinese Sun Hou-tzu, Hayagriva, Hayagriva, Hrsikesa, Hrsikesa, Ishvara, Ishvara, Brahma, Ishwara, Isvara, Iswara, Is(h)wara, Jala-Shayin, Jala-Shayin, Janardana, Janardana, Shiva, Kala, Kala, Black One, The, Brahma, Kalika, Kesava, Kesava, Kashyapa, Mahadeva, Mahadeva, Agni, Brahma, Great God, Rudra, Shiva, Surya, Vayu, Mahapurusha, Mahapurusha, Shiva, Maharaja, Maharaja, Shiva, Mandhatha, Mandhatha, Manmatha, Mohini, Mohini, Mukunda, Mukunda, Narada, Narada, Prajapati, Brahma-deva, Narayana, Narayana, Brahma, Buddha, Hiranya-garbha, Naroyana, Wisnu, Padma(-Nabha), Padma(-Nabha), 'pervader', 'pervader', Panchayudha, Panchayudha, Pandurganga, Pandurganga, Vitthali, Piyusaharana, Piyusaharana, Pr(i)thu, Pr(i)thu, Rsabha, Rsabha, Jain Rsabhanatha, Salagrama, Salagrama, S(h)amba, S(h)amba, Trivikrama, Trivikrama, Vamana, 'three steps', Venkata, Venkata, Venkatesa, Viratapurusa, Viratapurusa, Vishvarupa, Vis(h)varupa, Vis(h)varupa, Vithoba, Vithoba, Vyasa, Vyasa, Dvaipayana, Krishna Dvaipayana, Vedavyasa, 'gatherer', (Krishna) Dvaipayana, Javanese Abiasa, Yajna, Yajna, Yajnesh(var)a, Yajnesh(var)a, Buddhist Akshobhya, Buddhist Akshobhya, Ashuku, Cambodian Hari, Cambodian Hari, Harihara, Harihara, Hara, Hari, Hari Hara, Shiva, Kritarajasa, Prah Noreai-Narayana, Prah Noreai-Narayana, Chinese Wu-shun, Chinese Wu-shun, Japanese Ashuku, Japanese Ashuku, Akshobhya, Javanese Kresna, Javanese Kresna, Sadana, Sadana, Lakshmi, Sadona, Sadona, Sadana, Pacific Islands Poe Mpalaburu, Pacific Islands Poe Mpalaburu, Thai Narayana, Thai Narayana, Phra Narai, Phra Narai, Narayana, Narayama, Jagannath, Jagannath, Jagadnatha, Jagan-natha, Jaggernaut, Jaggurnath, Juggernaut, Krishna or Lord of the World.

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