German - An ice-queen. When she was seized by the magician, Ortgis, her protector, Bibing, went to Dietrich for help. Dietrich killed Ortgis, routed the forces besieging Virginal's castle and married her. Some say that she yearned for her home in the icy mountains and soon left Dietrich who lived in the green countryside. Another version says that Dietrich and Hildebrand came across a weeping maiden who was due to be part of an annual tribute paid by the queen, Virginal, to the heathen Ortgis. Hildebrand killed Ortgis and the two heroes set off for Virginal's castle in the mountains. Dietrich, who somehow got separated from his companion, ended up imprisoned by Nitger in Castle Muter, but Hildebrand led a force to free him, killing many giants, led by Wicram, in the process. Occasionally known as Virginal.

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