South American - An ancient Peruvian creator-god, storm-god and sun-god, recognised. By the Incas. Son of Inti, some say. Husband of Mama Cocha. He is said to have emerged from Lake Titicaca or from the Pacari cave. He destroyed in a flood the humans created by an earlier god, or by his own unsuccessful efforts, and made new races appropriate to their environment, travelling amongst them, teaching them the basic skills. He finally disappeared over the Pacific, walking on the water. In another version he is said to have emerged from the cave, Pacari, with Ayar Manco and Pachacamac. In this version they were all sons of Inti. He is depicted as crowned with the sun and holding thunderbolts. Some writers regard Viracocha as a generic name for sacred beings rather than the name of a specific deity. Sometimes known as Viracocha, Arunaua, Arunaua, Con Ticci Viracocha, Con Ticci Viracocha, Huiracocha, Huiracocha, Tuapaca, Tuapaca, Vairacocha, Vairacocha, Wiraqocha, Wiraqocha, Zapala, Zapala, Virabhadra, (Con) Ticci Viracocha, (Con) Ticci Viracocha, Illa(-Tiki), Illa(-Tiki), Kon-Tiki, Kon-Tiki, Illa-Tiki, Tici, Tici, Ticci, Ticci Viracocha, Ticci (Viracocha), Ticcu, Illa, Inca Thunupa, Inca Thunupa, Taripaca, Taripaca, Tocay, Tocay, Tocapo Viracocha or Tokay.

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