Hindu - Daughter of Daksha. Sister of Kadru, some say. A consort of Kasyapa. Mother of Aruna and Garuda. Mother of all birds. Her sister, Kadru, another wife of Kasyapa, bore a thousand snakechildren (nagas) while Vinata had only two children - Aruna and Garuda. She quarrelled with Kadru and was imprisoned in the underworld. Garuda secured her release by providing the ransom demanded - amrita in one story, the moon itself to illuminate the gloomy underworld in another. In some versions, they argued over the colour of Surya's horses and Kadru won by cheating, having the nagas spit all over these animals, making them appear darker. As a result of losing, Vinata became Kadru's slave rather than being imprisoned in the underworld but the ransom was still the same - amrita, stolen from heaven by Garuda who killed the children of Kadru. It was as a result of this episode that Garuda became the implacable enemy of all snakes. Also known as Vinata.

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