Norse - A hero. He lived with his parents in a remote area and knew no other people. One day, he heard a voice from behind a rock declare that the owner of the shoe, which Vilmund had just found, would marry only the man who returned it to her. Vilmund then set off to explore the world and came to a kingdom ruled by King Visivald and, after defeating the king's son Hjarandi in a wrestling match, became his friend. He joined forces with Hjarandi to destroy the army of a suitor for the hand of Hjarandi's half-sister, Gullbra, and then they killed Kolr who had married Soley, Gullbra's sister. In fact, the girl Kolr had married was a servant-girl substituted for Soley who had disappeared. Her father believed that Vilmund had killed her and banished him. To prove his innocence, Vilmund returned to the rock, handed over the shoe to Soley who was living there and took her back to her father's palace. In some accounts, known as Vilmund, Vilmundr or Vilmundr.

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