European - A Serbian water-sprite. These beings are envisaged as beautiful girls with fair, flowing hair, who are the spirits of the unbaptised dead. Other stories say that they are the spirits of betrothed maidens who died before they were married. In this form, they are said to roam at night, forcing young men to dance with them until they drop dead from exhaustion. It was said that they sometimes appeared in the form of swans. Also commonly identified as vila, samovily, samovily, veela, veela, veele, plurveele, Norse Volva, vele, vele, velnias, Latvian velis, vile, vile, vily, vily, Volva, Volva, Gollveig, European Veela, Vila, vala, wile, wile, Willi, Willi, willi, willi, plurvile or plurvile.

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