Norse - Grandson of Haloge. Husband of Hunvor. Father of Ring by Hunvor. His mother, daughter of Haloge, was carried off by a warrior to Bornholm where Viking was born. He was given the magic sword, Angurvadel, by his father and killed the giant who was forcing his attentions on the princess Hunvor. Too young to marry the maiden, he set off in search of great adventures, accompanied by his friend Halfdan. He later rescued Hunvor who had been abducted to India and married her but she died at an early age and Viking put their son, Ring, into the care of a foster-father and married again, fathering nine sons. A quarrel arose between them and the nine sons of Niorfe and one of the latter was killed. Viking banished his offending son, whereupon the other eight decided to go with him into exile. Viking gave his sword, Angurvadel, to the eldest son, Thorsten, and they all went off to an island in Lake Werner. Here they were attacked by Niorfe's remaining sons and only two on each side survived the battle. Viking sent his two surviving sons, Thorsten and Thorer, to stay with his friend Halfdan. He was once able to render a service to the sea-god, Aegir, and had been rewarded with the gift of a magic ship, Ellida, which was stolen from him but later recovered by his son Thorsten. In some lore, occasionally identified as Viking.

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