Vietnamese Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters

Au Co

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Cao Dai

The supreme deity. Called Cao Dai.


The spirit of the original owner of land in Annam. These spirits must be propitiated by subsequent owners of the land. Also called Chu-ngu.


A guardian spirit of the house in Annam. This spirit is said to reside in a lime jug. Also identified as Chu-nha.


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Con Ion

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Con ma dan

Spirits of those who died of smallpox. It is said that these spirits cause the disease. In some lore, occasionally called Con ma dan.

Con tinh

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Con tram nu'o'c

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Kinh Duong Vuong

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Lac Long Quan

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A fisherman who, it is said, captured in his net a tiger which was attacking a king. Also commonly called Muc-thainy.
Vietnamese Mythology