Persian - A god of victory. One of the Yazatas. This four-faced, irresistible god had ten incarnations - a wind, a goldenhorned bull, a white horse, a camel, a boar, a fifteen-year-old youth, a bird (Varagna), a ram, a buck and a man with a golden sword. As a boar, he was used by Mithra to kill his enemies. He was born in the primordial ocean and some say he overcame the demon Azhi Dahak, chaining him to Mount Demavand. At times, known as Verethragna, Atar, Atar, Adhur, Atarsh, Atesh, Thraetona, Adar, Varhagn, Varhagn, Verethraghna, Verethraghna, Vrthragna, Vrthragna, Vrtragna, Vrtragna, Vrt(h)ragna, Vrt(h)ragna, Armenian Vahagn, Armenian Vahagn, Heracles, Vritrahana, Greek Heracles, Greek Heracles, Arsaphes, Baal Tyre, Gisdhubar, Hereklo, Khons, Krishna, Melkarth, Vahagn, Hindu Indra, Hindu Indra, Amoghasiddhi, Phra In, Preas Eyn, Shakra, Tung Wang Kung, Venda, Wei-t'o, Vritrahan, Vritrahan, Indra, Atar, Atar, Bahram, Bahram, Pahlavi Vahram, Vareghna or Vareghna.

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