Roman - Goddess of beauty, gardens, love, springs. One of the 5 Appiades. Daughter of Jupiter and Dione, some say. Wife of Vulcan. Originally an Italic goddess of vegetation, Venus was adopted into the Roman pantheon and was given the attributes of the Greek Aphrodite. The Romans claim that she was the mother of Aeneas. In some accounts, she was carried on the back of, or turned into, a fish to escape the monster Typhon. The pair of them are represented in the heavens as Pisces. In some references, referred to as Venus, Genetrix, Genetrix, Victrix, Victrix, Appiades, Appiades, Cloacina, Cloacina, Dione, Dione, Aphrodite, Diana, Diana, Felix, Felix, Hesper, Hesper, Vesper, Libentina, Libentina, Libitina, Libitina, Libertina, Greek Persephone, Queen of Love, Queen of Love, Astarte, Benten, Sarasvati, Victrix; Greek Aphrodite, Victrix; Greek Aphrodite, Charis, Charis, Aglaia, plurCharites or Graces.

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