Hindu - A sage. One of the Seven Rishis. One of the Prajapatis. Son of Varuna and Mitra. Husband of Arundhati or Urja. Father of Shakta. He was so depressed when a rakshaha ate all his 100 sons that he tried to kill himself but jumping from the top of a mountain, entering a blazing forest and jumping into the ocean and a river all left him unscathed. He owned the sacred cow Nandini which could grant any wish. He became the enemy of Vishvamitra when the latter tried to steal the cow and Vashishtha used his fiery breath to incinerate his enemy's 100 sons. He also fell out with the rishi Gotama over the supervision of a sacrifice for King Nimi resulting in a curse which caused him to lose his body which was later restored by the gods. In some lore, occasionally called Vashishtha, Vashishtra, Vashishtra, Prajapati, Prajapati, Angiras, Brahma, Brighu, Daksha, Hiranya-garbha, Indra, Kashyapa, Lord of Creation, Lord of Creatures, Lord of Progeny, Manu, Matsya, Narada, Pitri, Pulashtya, Savitri, Seven Rishis, The, Soma, Tvashtri, Vishvamitra, Vasistha, Vasistha or Vasishtha.

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